Tooth extension in dentistry

Tooth extension is a dental procedure used to repair and rebuild damaged teeth caused by decay, trauma, or aging. This procedure can be performed using various methods depending on the level of damage to the tooth and other factors such as the tissue type required for the tooth restoration.

One method of tooth restoration is conservative restoration. This method involves the use of composite material that is applied to the surface of the tooth and then polished to create a flawless appearance. Conservative restoration is ideal for repairing small tooth damage.

If the tooth damage is too severe, a stronger method of tooth restoration called a full-coverage restoration may be required. This method involves the use of strong composite or ceramic materials that temporarily build up the tooth tissue before a dental crown can be placed on top.

Another method of tooth restoration is the use of full-crown restorations. This method involves the use of specialized materials such as gold or ceramics to create a durable dental crown over the damaged tooth. Full-crown restorations are considered a long-term solution for restoring damaged teeth.

Recent technological advancements have led to a new method of tooth restoration using restorative materials based on computer modeling. This method allows for a detailed computer model of the damaged tooth to be developed to accurately determine the areas of damage. A layer of restorative material is then applied, and the dental crown is created with precision, resulting in the best possible outcome.

In conclusion, tooth restoration is an effective method for restoring damaged teeth and improving their functionality and aesthetic appearance. Modern methods are safe and efficient and can be used for various levels of tooth damage. It is important to seek dental care at the first sign of tooth damage to preserve the tooth and achieve maximum tooth restoration results.

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